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  “Accelerating the growth of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in Massachusetts by increasing resource availability, expanding visibility, and creating marketing and partnering opportunities”
        The Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition, Inc., is a membership based non-profit, 501   (c)(6) corporation focused on expanding hydrogen, fuel cell and related industries in   Massachusetts. Our key initiatives include:  
1. Massachusetts Hydrogen Road Map
The Coalition is leading the implementation of a collaboratively developed blueprint for expanding the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in Massachusetts.
Members’ Meetings On a regular basis, the Coalition brings together speakers to address key issues facing the industry. These forums are held in the evenings and are open to members and non-members.
Coalition Conferences To promote the interests of Coalition members, the Coalition co-hosts the annual Conference on Clean Energy, providing members advantageous access to panels, investor pitching opportunities, exhibition space and discounted conference attendance.
Coalition Newsletter To promote the interests of members to a wide audience, and communicate business opportunities, and technology and market developments t o members, the Coalition publishes an regulart newsletter, distributed to more than 2,000 interested parties across the globe, although mostly concentrated in New England.
5. Member Promotion and Press Releases
– As an integral part of membership, members are provided a press release service that promotes member activities, accomplishments and newsworthy items to a global audience.
Conference Representation – The Coalition provides members an opportunity to be represented at national and international hydrogen and fuel cell conferences, selectively including DOE's Fuel Cell Seminar, NHA's Annual Conference and Exhibition, and Hannover Fair in Germany.