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Mission and Objectives


The Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition has been formed with the express purpose of expanding the electrochemical storage, hydrogen, fuel cell and related industries in Massachusetts. The Coalition is a membership based organization, incorporated in the State of Massachusetts in 2004.


The Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition’s mission is to accelerate the success of Massachusetts companies and organizations developing and deploying electrochemical, hydrogen, fuel cell and related technologies. The Coalition’s core emphasis is to expand the level of industrial activity associated with hydrogen and fuel cells in Massachusetts through funding, research and development, demonstration programs, education, partnering and incentives.


Coalition members represent a wide range of activities including hydrogen generation, storage and transport, and hydrogen applications ranging from micro-fuel cells, portable power, stationary premium and remote power and transportation, including internal combustion and fuel cell engines. Coalition members generally hold the view that hydrogen technologies can provide consumers and businesses with superior performing products and services, including: higher performance portable power for consumer electronics and military applications; cleaner, quieter and more compact power stationary power applications; cleaner and more efficient power for automotive and other transportation applications; and more efficient and more environmentally benign methodologies to produce hydrogen from a myriad of sources.



Charles Myers